WSU Lewis County Master Gardeners Upcoming Free Gardening Workshops

Composting, March 2; 6-8 PM at the Toledo Senior Center.  Composting is part art & part science, kind of like baking a cake.  We’ll demystify that process & help you get started producing good-quality compost for your garden and landscape.

Rose Care & Hands on Pruning, March 5; 10-11 AM at Providence Demo Garden, 350 SE Washington Ave., Chehalis.  These tips are a must for proper caring of a rose garden!  Learn about buying, planting & seasonal care of your roses!

Worm Composting, March 15; 6-8 PM at the Winlock Olequa Senior Center.  Vermiculture, or worm box composting, is a process in which red wiggler worms & micro-organisms are used to convert kitchen fruit & vegetable waste into nutrient-rich, humus “black gold”.  Gardens/potted plants love the addition of this, becoming healthier & more robust.

Living with Deer & Rabbits, March 26; 10-11 AM, Salkum Library Demo Garden. Learn which vegetables/herbs to plant that deer and rabbit do not prefer and how to keep them out of your garden.

Know Your Soils, March 31; 6-8 PM at the WSU Lewis County Meeting Room, Chehalis (Basement, Room 003). If you want to grow better plants, you first need to understand your soil.  Learn how to test it for pH, Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium. Pre-registration is required. Call 360-740-1216 by March 28 to get details about collecting your soil sample.

Questions? Contact Art Fuller, Program Coordinator, WSU Lewis County Master Gardeners, (360) 740-1216 or

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