Winter Quarter 2015 Off-Campus Student Employee of the Quarter Award

Reliable Enterprises and the Centralia College Student Job Center are proud to announce that the recipient of the Winter Off-Campus Student Employee of the Quarter Award is Krysta Carper.

Krysta began her employment as a State Work Study student with Reliable Enterprises in January of 2014. While Krysta is a full time employee of Reliable Enterprises, she is also on track to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Centralia College.

As Vocational Services Manager, Kyrsta manages Reliable’s Program Supervisors who oversee the work of approximately 40 employees with developmental disabilities. She supports work plans, outcomes goals, accurate data tracking, assists in one to one training in the use of communication technology, and interacts professionally and compassionately with people of a wide variety of disabilities.

Reliable Enterprises states that “Krysta has fulfilled and exceeded expectations in her role within our organization. She has significantly increased her professional qualities and capabilities while enrolled in the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management at Centralia College. This education has been of significant benefit to Krysta’s career development and to our organization.”

“Krysta is self-motivated and competent in organizing a balance of professional responsibilities, education, and family. She demonstrates a genuine pride in her work, and is an ethical, forthright professional that is committed to performing her work at the highest level”.

“Congratulations Krysta! We are very proud of the valuable work all of our Reliable, Head Start, In-Tot, and New Life Thrift Store Staff members perform in our Lewis County Community. “

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