Tis the Season to be Thoughtful

It’s that time of year where each day is a blur of things to do..finding those perfect gifts, planning family visits, decorating for holiday after holiday, endless trips to the grocery store and the post office. In the midst of all the cinnamon spice, peppermints and Christmas music everywhere we are all scurrying about in the same focused frame of mind.
In the midst of it all, we often forget our manners.
If we just take one moment to be kind and thoughtful to others we can spread the joy that this season is supposed to bring.
Let’s make this Season a truly happy one for our community…
Let someone with fewer items than you jump ahead in the grocery line,
Give up a great parking spot,
Give a trucker a break on the roadways,
Smile at a stranger who seems to need one,
Thank an officer,
Hold the door for the next person…
Find those small opportunities that can make a big difference for someone else.
Kindness is free so let’s all do our part and spread it freely.
Have a Wonderful Holiday Season!
Atlas Construction Advisors
Ted & Angie Lukecart

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