Times are Tough but so are We!

Times are tough and so are we. I like to think of Lewis County as a tough old machine,  I also like to think of us as a bit old fashioned. In my eyes, Lewis County is that hidden gem on planet Earth that has a sparkle that is rare, sort of a bit like an old fashioned tractor. It doesn’t have the nicest paint job, it doesn’t have high-end tires but it turns over when I need it and it gets the cutting done on the farm. I take care of my tractor in-between seasons, change out the oil, swap out the spark plugs, put clean fuel in and maybe wipe the old machine down here and there to keep her running. I invest in the old machine and care for the old machine the best I can so that it runs when I need it to tend to the needs of the farm.

Alicia Bull

Lewis County is faced with some choices. We have businesses that have been around for years that need our care to stay working. The businesses may not be shiny and new but they are the people that have been here for us for years. Like the old tractor, they have produced and created a crop for our community. These businesses have kept food on our tables and a roof over our heads through job opportunities, tax base creation, and providing services for us locally.

I’m reaching out to each and every one of you today within our community to remember to “Choose Local First” now more than ever before. It is easy to stay at home, jump online to do your shopping from your living room. I understand the convenience of that right now, I think that’s why I want to reach out and ask all of us to consider putting our money back into our local economy rather than out of town purchases. The financial infusion is going to be needed as our economy tries to recover from the COVID crisis.

Our community is the antique tractor that is going to require some care and attention. We have to look at what we can do as individuals and also as a community to tend to our machine called Lewis County. Can we hire local, can we work locally, can we shop locally, can we sell locally? All of those things can help get us to the next season successfully. I believe that our community can come together and make a difference in our economic recovery. We can bring that special shine back if we all just use a little elbow grease. Times are tough but so are we!

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