The Center For Constructive Resolution and Conversation

If you are a renter or landlord in Lewis County, you may have some big questions right now.

“If I am a renter with past due rent because of COVID-19 related hardships, can I still be evicted?”

“If I am a landlord with past due rent owed to me, who can I talk to about my renter and I reaching a solution about payment?”

The Center for Constructive Resolution and Conversation is one of the local organizations equipped to help you answer these questions and connect you with helpful resources at no cost to you. Financial assistance and legal aid are also available free of charge, for those who qualify.

At CCRC, we can help landlords and tenants mediate issues of past due rent with a reasonable repayment plan. Mediation is a confidential process where two parties talk about conflict with a neutral team of mediators who will help them develop a mutually beneficial solution. The Eviction Resolution Prevention Program is available for landlords and tenants in Lewis County.

If you or someone you know has questions about resolving conflict around issues of unpaid rent, reach out now to our Centralia office at 360-623-8061 or visit us at

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