Successful Spring Art Sale

Last month’s first Spring Art Show and Sale was a success, and a second one is already being planned. Many thanks to the people at Gibson House. We couldn’t have asked for a better working relationship.
Several Spring Show participants weren’t ARTrails members. For instance, Katie Harmon provided ink and watercolor demonstrations with work for sale. “The most valuable part of the experience was the interactions with other artists,” Katie recalls.
Kestrel Brenner was another non-member participant, providing bead embroidery demonstrations and work for sale. “It was beautifully organized,” Kestral says. “I really liked the single point of sale. And I liked being able to make connections.”
Leah Van Horn provided beaded purses and a demonstration. “I was happy with the single-point cash register,” she said. “It relieved me of carrying money around in my pocket, so that worked out well.”
Susan Blubaugh’s Ukranian egg art and Libby Taylor’s watercolor paintings also drew attention.
We learned much from our first excursion: We learned how vital good lighting is, how much a deterrent steps can be, that the single-point cashier worked well, and the need to advertise that our art is actually for sale, not just for show.
With these things in mind, next year’s Spring Art Show and Sale is being planned for late April or early May. The location will be changed to Borst Park’s Kitchen No. 2 where there will be more parking and better building access.

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