Sponsorship Opportunities at Southwest Washington Fair

Southwest Washington Fair dates for 2014 are August 12th – 17th. This marks the 105th year of the area’s biggest, and longest running community event. Each year 90,000+ people from all over the region visit our fair. More fair-goers than the entire population of Lewis County! For a fair-time sponsor this means massive exposure for your business name & logo. A fair sponsorship is the perfect opportunity to create both recognition as well as positive good will. You can attach your business name & logo to any one of the many contests during fair week, place banners, signage or displays on the grounds, attach your name to one or all of the major musical concerts, even get naming rights to a building. Fair sponsorship opportunities can be as diverse and creative as your business demands. You’re giving back to the community in a big way, and helping your own bottom line at the same time. For more information, contact Gale Sobolesky at (360) 740-1495.

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