Sierra Pacific Centralia Upgrades Planer Line

Centralia division of Sierra Pacific Industries just completed a major upgrade of its entire planer line. This mill was originally purchased as a functioning mill, and while many portions have been changed and upgraded over time, this major overhaul was recently undertaken to increase productivity.

The crew started the project over a year and a half ago, and by working long weekends, holiday periods and other downtimes completed a complete renovation of the planer, grading systems, and sorters. “Working together, the crew from the Centralia Division and the Washington Fab Shop completed this project with no downtime in sawmill production” according to Scott North, Division Manager. “They did an incredible job.”

The upgrade has resulted in increases in efficiency and production per hour. Numbers will continue to improve as the crew works to fine-tune the new equipment. Curt Adcock, Washington Operations Manager notes that “this is just another example of SPI’s consistent investment in our facilities, to continue to be a high tech, state-of-the-art mill.”

Sierra Pacific Industries is a vertically integrated forest products company with a mill and forestlands in Lewis county that employs over 200 crewmembers locally.

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