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Rock to River Events is excited to be bringing you the Summit to Swamp obstacle course in August! This will be a scaled-back version of what we had planned for April, but in ways, it will be even better as we are combining events with another company, called 3Elements, that focuses on endurance events.  

The five-mile Summit to Swamp obstacle course (think Spartan or Tough Mudder) will be held Saturday morning on August 22 in Randle, WA. You can find more info at or check out our Facebook page @SummitToSwamp.

On Saturday afternoon and Sunday, 3Elements (think restructured triathlon) will begin different sections of their endurance event. To learn more about it, visit

Almost all of us have taken a hit these past few months, so we will not be soliciting cash sponsorships this year. However, if you would like to have your business promoted through this event, I’m sure we can figure out a creative way to do that, through cross-promotion or some other means.

Wishing you the best!

Hazelanna McMahan


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