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Would you like to start keeping bees in 2017?  Would you like a better pollinated garden, the chance to harvest honey, and the fascination of observing bee behavior?  Lewis County Beekeepers’ Association can support you with two upcoming events – #1, a free overview of how to get started with bees on Saturday, September 10, 2:15 to 3:30 p.m., at Centralia College following Gardening for Everyone – and #2, our beginning beekeeping class, coming this January and February.   

#1:  Getting Started With Beekeeping:  A Free Overview by Lewis County Beekeepers’ Association, Saturday, Sept 10, 2:15 to 3:30 p.m., Centralia College, Washington Hall 103, 701 W. Walnut St..  We’ll introduce you to Benefits of Beekeeping, “Bee Biology 101,” Equipment you’ll need, how to set up an apiary, getting and managing bees, harvesting honey, over-wintering, & more! LCBA instructors will demonstrate equipment and cover “a year in the life of a beekeeper” to help you see what you might bee getting into J

#2: “Your First Year of Beekeeping – Lewis County Beekeepers”:  This Centralia College Continuing Education course is taught by board members of the Lewis County Beekeepers’ Association with many years of beekeeping experience. It covers the topics in the free overview, above, but in the depth needed actually to begin as a beekeeper, with special focus on conditions in southwest Washington.  There are 6 class sessions from 9 to noon on Saturdays January 21 & 28, Feb 4, 11, 18, and 25 of 2017.

This class a great introduction for “newbees” – or review for those getting back into beekeeping.  Children are welcome!  Course materials include LCBA’s beginning beekeeping manual; informational PowerPoints & demonstration materials supplement classes.  Our instructors are board members of the Lewis County Beekeeping Association with many years of beekeeping experience.  Post-Course Support includes free hands-on mentor-led workshops; students who join LCBA are also entitled to discounts on spring orders of bee packages or nucleus colonies, as well as an experienced beekeeper as mentor.

The bee class registration brochure is attached to this email.  

Questions?  Contact LCBA Secretary Susanne Weil: susanne.beekeeper@gmail.com or 360 880 8130.

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