On the Bright Side

On the bright side of things, and there is always a bright side if you look long and hard enough, we have seniors graduating from high school and celebrated the top 25 students on the 28th of May. On the bright side, we have a county rebooting and reopening more and more each day. On the bright side, we have had community leaders like Callie Carpenter coordinating the creation of thousands of masks for our community, we have unsung heroes staying healthy and continuing to serve our community in the medical fields. On the bright side, local organizations are caring for our seniors by delivering meals and we have some other very passionate leaders like Sheriff Snaza who are out in the trenches continuing to serve our community with the heart and passion needed to come out strong on the other side of this pandemic. On the bright side, the Degodi tulips have bloomed and Spooner strawberries are on their way. On the bright side, recreational areas are reopening so we can take time to breathe the fresh outdoors. Lastly, on the bright side, the Lewis County Business Recovery Center that is located in the Chamber parking lot is now open to Chamber Members. There are many bright spots in our community. Focusing on hope and putting your energy into things that are truly meaningful, productive, and impactful are our focus. That means we are focusing on you, the business community.

We are excited to introduce our community to the Lewis County Business Recovery Center (LCBRC)  and what it means to you as a Chamber Member. The LCBRC is a place to come and get assistance with the business reboot that is in front of us. The restrictions and requirements are confusing, overwhelming, and sometimes expensive. Our goal is to minimize as much of the negative impact and support your business as it reopens, reboots, and recovers. We have laminated signage for your business, we have PPE for your reboot including masks and sanitizer. We have a helpful toolkit that helps prepare businesses for keeping their employees and customers safe. We even have some items that are a little more difficult to get your hands on like plexiglass, forehead thermometers, touchless sanitizer dispensers, and UV disinfection lights. 

The safety checklists, sector information, re-boot requirements, loan and grant details, and much more can be found inside the walls of the LCBRC. The overwhelming amount of information that has been thrown at businesses has been condensed to what we feel are the most important components and provided in a binder for you. It’s a good time to be a chamber member because you have access to all of the above resources to help and assist your business.

We have met businesses at our doors that have been open, are just opening, and that isn’t open yet. Everyone is in a slightly different place with slightly different demands put upon them. Our job is to meet your business’ needs no matter what phase you are in. Every Chamber business is equally important to us and we are here for all of you. You can call the LCBRC helpline at 360-523-5957 and make an appointment for a detailed consultation or you can call and set up a time to swing by to pick up the PPE, signage, etc. 

We care about our members, we care about our economy, and we care about Lewis County as a whole recuperating from COVID-19. We will work hard to be a trusted resource and partner to you. We want to be that bright side to you and your business.

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