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PTSD/Trauma/Addictions Recovery/ Developmental Trauma

Your holistic healthcare practitioner, Natalyia Nezdanov Is a clinical hypnotherapist with a strong background and training in many holistic modalities and techniques including: polarity therapy, craniosacral therapy, neurolinguistic programming, subconscious intervention, spiritual coaching, holistic nutrition, sound healing, crystal healing, developmental trauma, and somatic experiencing. Natalyia also has a background in cultural anthropology and religion which expands her diversity of working with different cultures. Her Specialties and passions are: Developmental and childhood trauma, addictions recovery, PTSD, trauma. Your practitioner has also worked with many war veterans and survivors of domestic violence. We are here to support your healing journey and empower you to live a healthy and balanced life. For an appointment call 360–880–3413. Happy Holidays and many blessings. Warmly, your staff at N.L.E.M.

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