The Lewis County Gospel Mission has been in its new home since April 1st. With summer coming on, we anticipated a drop in the number of people who would be coming in to access our services. To our surprise, the numbers increased rather than decreasing. An average of 1600 meals a month were served, January through June. In July, 1734 meals went out and August numbers are estimated to top 1800. Due to the donations of food from a variety of sources, the Mission kept cost per plate between $.32 and $.37. We are so blessed to have the support of the community in meeting the needs of the homeless and needy in our area. It’s only with that help, we’ve been able to respond so effectively. We again extend an invitation to anyone interested in what the Mission does to come and tour the facility. We’re at 72 SW Chehalis Avenue. Just look for the red building with the colorful brick wall. We hope to see you soon.

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