March Chamber Forum

We appreciate the great turnout at our March Chamber Forum. Erik Martin, Lewis County Manager and Meja Handlen with Lewis County Public Health & Social Service gave a presentation on Homeless Housing and reaching out to the public and businesses to hear more about issues and what the public is seeing as a concern. Meja Handlen discussed the various types of homelessness and how the homeless could be helped depending on the type of needs required. Assistance to the program is provided through state, local, government monies that determine the guidelines that need to be met to address the issue. As the issue of homelessness is a growing concern here in Lewis County they are reaching out to gain more perspective in order to better address and understand the needs of public safety concerns. If you are a business or individual that sees an issue you can call the Housing Resource Center which can coordinate entry or outreach for individuals in need. This is also another opportunity to volunteer resources for the organization as well. They can be contacted at 360-736-5140 for further information or assistance.   

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