Lewis PUD Announces Their New Power Management Team

chris and matt
Chris Roden & Matt Samuelson

The Power Management Team at Lewis has a lot on their plate. They oversee the District’s wholesale power supply including spot/forward physical/financial power and transmission transactions, resource planning and acquisitions, analysis of alternative energy resources, load/resource forecasts and wholesale power fuel contracts.  They aggregate information relating to the District’s power supply to formulate a load-resource analysis and make informed decisions.  Through the risk management committee they oversee the relationship with the District’s 24-hour trading desk in Bellevue and BPA’s power and transmission groups, with the overall objective to reduce risk and reduce power costs to the District.

They represent the District on regional committees covering renewable energy, power and transmission contracts, power resources in which the District has contractual or ownership responsibilities, and ensure compliance with BPA and statutory requirements concerning power supply, renewable energy, and carbon among other requirements.

In July, Lewis PUD promoted Chris Roden to the Manager of Power and Business Services. Chris has been with Lewis for three years, coming to the District with several years’ experience in the industry.

On September 28th, Matt Samuelson joined the team as the District’s Power and Compliance Analyst. Matt comes to Lewis with 17 years’ experience in public power, predominately in power supply management.

Both Chris and Matt enjoy the challenges and complexity of Power Management and Lewis PUD is confident in the power of this dynamic duo.

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