Lewis County Adventist School

Lewis County Adventist School (LCAS), located at 2102 S Scheuber Rd in Chehalis, is in full session. LCAS has seen an over 20% growth in enrolment during the 2021 / 2022 school year but is still accepting new students in several grades. 

A marketing ministry training workshop was recently held at LCAS, which was facilitated by an expert trainer. The workshop was attended by the LCAS board members, teachers, and administrative staff and pastors, ministry leaders, and members from the constituent churches. The workshop reemphasized the value of Christian education, which has now become even more important given the increasing secularization of society. After the workshop, the expert trainer, the LCAS principal, and school board chairperson developed a vision and related activities to be implemented as the school strives to continue to grow its ministry and better serve the local community. 

Lewis County Adventists School is accredited and it offers preschool to 10th grade Christian education. LCAS strives to both academically educate and spiritually nurture all its students. For more information about the school visit www.LCAS.org or if you have questions or would like to schedule a tour of the school, please contact the principal, Kelly Gennick, at 360-748-3213 or email her at office@lcas.org

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