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Now is a critical time for your local not-for-profit community radio service KACS Network. More than just a radio station, KACS provides community support and service with area charities, churches, faith-based and civic organizations. The regional network depends entirely on donations to continue service. The operating budget is built with annual fall fundraising every October. Cameron Beierle, General Manager said, “We continue meeting community needs so long as listeners, businesses and community-minded people appreciate what we do. Their generosity enables us to link with area charities, churches, community services and more in raising awareness and meeting needs.” Beierle said each autumn is the radio network’s turn to ask the community to provide the non-profit organization’s budget for another year. “We want a clear 2020 Vision for service into the new year,” says Beierle. KACS Radio is a 501c3 Registered Charity, and has been a strong support partner of Southwest Washington flood relief and many other major needs efforts, a volunteer recruiting source for charities, and promoter of public events and programs. KACS also brings high profile summer concerts to the region. All donations are tax-deductible, including business contributions through KACS business sponsorships. Donate on-line KACS.org or call 800-447-5227.

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