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Gardening for Everyone, September 10; 9 AM – 2:30 PM, Centralia Community College (Washington Hall), 701 W. Walnut Street, Centralia. Topics: Blueberries, Companion Gardening, Introduction to Permaculture, Non-Toxic Fibre Dyeing, Preserving your Garden, Pruning Ornamentals & Seed Saving. Bonus Class from 2:15 – 3:30 PM on Getting Started in Beekeeping by the Lewis County Beekeepers’ Association.

Advanced Composting, (Pre-registration required 360-740-1216) September 8, 6 – 8 PM, United Methodist Church, 116 Kindle Road, Randle.  Composting Happens!  No matter if you plan or don’t plan your compost pile it will happen!  Learn the whys, what manure does, how manure effects your compost pile, worm castings and worm tea, and how the Green Cone Digester Works.

Worm Composting, (Pre-registration required 360-740-1216) September 21; 6 – 8 PM, Onalaska Elementary School Multi-Purpose Room, 540 Carlisle Ave., Onalaska. Vermiculture, or worm box composting, is a process in which red wiggler worms (also called manure worms) & micro-organisms are used to convert kitchen fruit & vegetable waste into nutrient-rich humus, “black gold”. Gardens and potted plants love the addition of this and become healthier and more robust.                    

For more information, contact Art Fuller, Program Coordinator, WSU Lewis County Master Gardeners, (360) 740-1216 or e-mail

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