Expanding Housing Opportunities in Lewis County

(Centralia, WA)—As Lewis County is experiencing a significant housing shortage for families with increasing rents and lower availability of units, Reliable Enterprises is excited to announce the increasing availability of units at our Reliable Place complex for homeless families and families with a disability. Currently, the complex serves homeless individuals with a disability but starting in November 2019, families will be able to move into Reliable Place for an average monthly rent of only $500 for a two-bedroom apartment.
By charging roughly half the market rent for a two-bedroom apartment, families have the ability to save each month, provide quality care for their children, and expand their opportunities for success.
Reliable Enterprises is also expanding a current partnership with Drug Court and the Housing Resource Center to address a growing need for housing in the community for adults 18-24 years old, as they transition out of incarceration. The Magnolia apartment complex allows adults to transition into the community by providing safe and stable housing with dedicated support from the Housing Resource Center.
We are very excited to continue expanding housing availability within Lewis County and expand the opportunities for families and individuals to succeed.

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