Donate used or old eyewear to the Centralia Lions Club

On May 16th at 4:17 the Centralia Lions Club collected and packed their 6,000th pair of old used eyeglasses since July 1st, 2018.
All these collected glasses go to a LERC (Lions Eyeglass Recycle Center) located in Lacey. These glasses are then evaluated for scratches, breaks and overall quality to continue in the recycling process. From this station, the glasses go into a very hot bath (195 degrees). After the bath, they are dried and prepared for the “lensometers which evaluate the prescription of each eye. Each finished pair is packed, ready to go out on a mission trip somewhere in the world to help someone be able to see again. Many groups apply to the LERC for glasses for their mission trips, the center fills as many of the requests as possible, but many times they cannot fill all the glasses requested. The biggest reason these requests are not filled is that from the many collected glasses there are not enough “VOLUNTEERS” to help in the process.
LERC needs your help.
Do you belong to a group, church or work in a great place that has a few caring workers? Then you can form a team to go up on a day of your choosing and time to put in a few hours processing glasses
BTW in a 48’ trailer alongside the center,1st, they estimate they have 150,000 to 200,000 pairs of glasses waiting for you and your team to get them processed.
For more information go to or call 360-923-2075

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