Director’s Column: Hometown Hospitality in a Bag

By Alicia Bull, executive director
Lewis County has many wonderful things going for itself. We have great food, expansive shopping, incredible outdoors, exquisite arts, quality schools, state-of-the-art sporting facilities, strong and vibrant industry and something unique to our area: We have a feel of hometown charm.
Visitors are strongly drawn to our area, and people travel from far and away to visit our community because of its quaint appearance, tight knit approach to living and our hometown hospitality.
As we look at opportunities to show off our community, we certainly want every person visiting our area for an overnight stay — or even just traveling through — to get a taste of our wonderful community and the friendly atmosphere we provide.
It’s important for us to remember as we interact with visitors to our community that we are actually helping them formulate an opinion on Lewis County. If we take the time to be kind, helpful and friendly, people will feel comfortable here and want to visit again.
Reaching out is important and can be done in many ways. The Chamber has been working together with area businesses to provide “welcome bags” to visitors of local festivals and events. The bags are one way of proudly displaying our hometown hospitality to community guests. We have distributed around 2,500 bags so far this summer and will give out over 800 more by the end of August.
The bags contain local info and local coupons. The coupons are an extension of our communities’ hospitality and shows our excitement for area visitors. We invite each and every one of you to contact the Chamber about participating in the welcome bags. From providing coupons and brochures to actually stuffing the bags, you can be an active participant in showing people just how welcoming we are!

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