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Have you heard of CBG (cannabigerol) Yet? CBG is another cannabinoid found naturally in the hemp plant. CBG is produced earlier in the plant’s life cycle and has more energetic effects than CBD. CBG is a great way to wake up and stay focused. Use CBG to replace coffee or energy drinks in the morning, when you feel sluggish or before a workout. Using CBG helps you feel energized, supports a feeling of focus and unlike coffee or sugary drinks CBG actually supports your digestive system. CBGo is Chehalis CBD American Shaman’s new energy product. It is Water Soluble so you can add it to your favorite beverage and Go! A recent study done on our Nano Water Soluble CBGo/CBD indicated a solution to help those who suffer with Pain, IBS Symptoms, improved thinking and attention levels for those with ADHD and improved energy levels for those with chronic fatigue.

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