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As the Affordable Care Act   “Obamacare” open enrollment is underway as well as the Senior Market  open enrollment, our office is very busy seeking to find the right  solution for both current and new customers. There are many questions  Employers have in their desire to approach the changes coming Jan 1st in a way to best serve their staff when it comes to family benefits.  Do you suggest that employees search the (state exchange) Health Plan  Finder for a possible premium tax credit subsidy for their family or  keep group benefits in place?   Maybe there are short term alternatives  not well publicized that needs further examination.  How about self  insurance for a group ?   What are the deadlines exactly?   How does the IRS fit into this picture and what do I need from my tax and/or legal  professional to move  forward ??  If you are  wrestling with these or  related issues, feel free to call us to see if we can share some  insights.  There is no fee for our service but we love to make neighbors our customers.

Centralia General Agency
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