Centralia College Student Covernment Hunger Banquet April 12th!

A Hunger Banquet is a community event designed to raise awareness of hunger in our community. Guests at the banquet draw tickets upon arrival, and each person will be assigned at random to a high-, middle-, or low-income group, based on the latest statistics about global poverty. Each group then eats a corresponding meal, from nutritious to sparse. A master of ceremonies will share facts and stories about real-life inequality and guests will discuss their experiences.

The event will be held in TAC 105 (Banquet Hall) from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm, and any community members can reserve their tickets with a suggested donation of 1 or more food items for Centralia College Food Pantry, please RSVP by April 9th if you would like to participate by either calling 360-623-8116 or emailing katrina.bray@centralia.edu.


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