Call to Artists! ARTrails is seeking new member artists! We challenge you to challenge us!

When it comes to the Best of Lewis County, ARTrails comes to mind. After all, we jury in and accept some of the very best artists in Lewis County’s fine art for our Gala and Studio Tour.
When the best of Lewis County 2014 came out, and the top three artists were tattoo artists, ARTrails members began to brainstorm: Why not try to engage tattoo artists to jury and join ARTrails? Why not try to include other alternative arts as well as our traditional fine art and crafts?
How do we attract more and varied artists to ARTrails? What fine art forms are represented in Lewis County?
So artists out there… including tattoo artists, stone carvers, gourd artists to name just a few…. Excite our Jury! Our jury is enthusiastic about seeing new work both traditional and alternative and we encourage new membership.
What does it take to jury in to ARTrails? 5 high quality photographs of your work executed in the last two years, a completed application form and $10. That’s it. Go to to the “Join Us” page and Join us!! You don’t need to have your own studio to participate in the Studio Tour, we have many locations and studios to show your work. Application deadline is March 1, 2015.
¿Es usted un artista que vive y trabaja enel suroeste de Washington? Si es así, ArtTrails invita a unirse a su gira anual de studio. Información y de las aplicaciones 360-736-6519

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