Brown Mortuary Service, Chehalis and Sticklin Funeral Chapel, Centralia Combine as One

With a combined 235 years of providing grieving families with services, two long-standing mortuaries in Chehalis and Centralia, Brown Mortuary Service and Sticklin Funeral Chapel have witnessed grief, celebration and the changing ways that communities say goodbye to loved ones.
We want families to know that it’s the same caring, compassionate staff that we had at the other building. The business has not changed; we’ve just moved to a better location. We are there to help people through the most difficult time in their lives.

Although many things have changed in the funeral business over the years, some have not. The biggest is the desire to help others. Families who have standing relationships or agreements with Brown will find the same care with Sticklin, with the added benefit of the larger facility’s roomier chapel, reception hall, large parking lot and other amenities.

One thing that hasn’t changed is Brown Mortuary Service in Morton is still operating its chapel. We will continue to serve the east end as we have before.

The staff creates custom services tailored to each family and can help with pre-arrangements for those who wish to plan ahead.

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