Lewis County PUD Commissioner, Ben Kostick, was named as an officer of the American Public Power Association’s Policy Makers Council. The American Public Power Association represents not-for-profit, community-owned electric utilities that power homes, businesses and streets in nearly 2,000 towns and cities, serving 48 million Americans. With no divided loyalties, these utilities are focused on a single mission – providing reliable electricity at a reasonable price, while protecting the environment. These public power utilities generate or buy electricity from diverse sources. The Policy Makers Council assists APPA in promoting federal legislation that is important to public power systems like Lewis County PUD and opposing harmful legislation. It also provides advice on other issues of importance to APPA. Members of the council meet a minimum of twice a year, and participate in meetings with elected representatives and congressional staff for the purposes of supporting APPA’s national legislative agenda. The council is made up of 45 members who serve on either utility boards or are elected officials in public power communities. Four members are appointed to the Council from each of the 10 geographic regions recognized by APPA. In addition, there are a number of “At-Large” members of the Council from across the country who are appointed based on vacancies in the 10 regions.

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