Being a Leader, Before You Have a Team

Success in business is synonymous with leadership skills, but what if you haven’t a team to lead?

At United Women in Business Network, we develop our leadership skills before we have a team. Each week, a member shares their business or advice in a comfortable, friendly forum.  It’s an excellent way to practice being a leader without the pressure of actually having to lead!

Several of our women are involved in direct sales.  UWBN affords them the opportunity to share their presentations and knowledge of their products without fear.  It’s a chance for them to hone their production, prepare for questions and rehearse public speaking.  You can practice alone, but nothing beats a real life simulation.

We also work to grow all our businesses.  Whether you’re a realtor, insurance agent or own a cleaning company, you cannot shy away from the impact of social media.  At UWBN, we’ve learned to maximize those platforms, and in turn, take those lessons and share them.  When you share, you always get more and sharing at UWBN means more business.

We invite you to attend the second and fourth Thursday of every month.

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