Artrails of Southwest Washington

Artrails of Southwest Washington, a local art tour in the greater Lewis County area, has once again been an educational leader through its art tour, exhibition, and community events. This business begins its tour with a beautiful tour guide book that is equipped with a map showing where your favorite Artrails artist is located. Artrails, with fifteen new members, has taught the community about not just what they do, but the ideas and motivations behind their work. And these ideas can change lives. It is baffling to think of the collective energy and driving forces which provide discussion between the viewer, the art, and the artist. It is a unique event which delivered on its promise to show great art and meet great artists. The journey this year started at a Pre-Gala (invitation only) which was a new event for Artrails on September 17. This exhibition was followed by the annual Art Gala on September 18. The last two weekends of September were the Artrails tours. Artwork from Artrails members can be seen at local businesses so there will still be time to take in the great work of an Artrails member.

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