Artists! Have you ever thought about jurying into ARTrails or another juried art show?  Brush up your portfolio and take some good photos of your art.

We can help you with jury workshops. We provide free instructions and how to navigate the jury process. 

LAST JURY WORKSHOP: Saturday January 8th Chehalis Library

Come in to talk to ARTrails’ artists and find out about the jury process. How we look at your pictures, what we are looking for in a photo and how to describe your art in words for the jury application.  

What does it take to jury in to ARTrails? 5 high quality photographs of your work executed in the last two years, a completed application form and $15. You don’t need to have your own studio to participate in the Studio Tour, we have many locations and studios available to show your work. Application deadline is February 1, 2022. Financially strapped? We have sponsorships! Contact

ARTrails provides a wonderful opportunity for artists to promote and sell their work and provide an enjoyable and inspiring educational experience for the public. 

Visit our website at  and click on “Join us” for the application and information about our successful art group.

If you have questions, please contact us at If

¿Es usted un artista que vive y trabaja enel suroeste de Washington? Si es así, ArtTrails invita a unirse a su gira anual de studio. Información y de las aplicaciones

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