Artist James Kelsey Moves to Centralia, Joins Chamber

There’s a new artist living in Centralia and he’s making waves. James Kelsey has only been in town a couple of months and is not only garnering attention from The Chronicle (Life section, 7/27), but from regular folk; last week he was seen at Chehalis’s classic car show giving out around 200 ‘FREE HUGS’ and is the newest board member at the Evergreen Playhouse as well a volunteer for the Fox Theater Restoration. Joining our Chamber is only the latest step in his plan to take over the world.
When not being a whirlwind in and around the Twin Cities, he can be found at his new location. His plan is to convert the 7,000 s.f. cold storage facility into his home and sculpture studio as well as carving out a large space for an art gallery to showcase local artists.
Kelsey is a strong supporter of the ‘shop local’ movement and promotes local businesses at the drop of a hat. He suggests you spend an hour with friends at The Brownstone Coffee Lounge and be sure to check out The Tiki Taproom near the Hubbub on Tower. And buy ART, even if it’s not his. For more information, visit or call (360) 509-3600.

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