In the last two articles we covered the difference between AMSOIL and other synthetic lubricants.  I ended the last article with a description of how AMSOIL is designed and how petroleum oil is different.  Now let’s look at ‘other synthetics’!  The third jar, crude oil and bb’s mixed in!  I think you can visualize the difference here! The crushed rock doesn’t clump as bad.  The bb’s help prevent that! This is what a highly refined petroleum product is.  It has more of the waxes removed and some more additives put into it.  As a result, it does run a little better than a 100% petroleum product.  But let me ask you a question.  Today’s equipment is highly engineered to run at its peak and optimal performance.  Why are you putting an inferior oil or one that is a little better in your equipment and expecting it to maintain performance?  A vehicle is most likely the second or third most expensive investment behind your house.  However, putting an inferior lubricant in it is slowly killing the internal parts. Next month I will explain some benefits of AMSOIL.   Call me at 360-304-8595!  Mike

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