Adopt A Grandparent!

Christmas is coming! “All I want for Christmas is to Adopt a grandparent this Christmas”. How you ask. We have an outreach programme to provide Mint bliss foot lotion ( a minty hydrating foot lotion) and a pair of fuzzy socks to 65 residence of Chehalis West. This is my 6th year providing much needed lotion to the residence of Chehalis West. To date I have 48 residents provided for but I’m still 17 residents short. That’s where you come in. Call me Gig 360-880-2441 or drop by the Chambre with your lose change, the $ you would spend on that latte or $8. I don’t want to leave anyone out. I would like to thank Dolly Tardift of the Chambre, Dr Wagner and St Timothy’s Men Group for their generosity and continuous support in sponsoring the 48 residents.  Blessings this Christmas season.

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