College Job Fair

The 22nd annual Centralia College Job Fair will take place in the Health and Wellness Bldg (gym) on Wednesday, April 30th from 10am-1pm.  This event is open to the community.  Over 50 local and regional employers will be in attendance to assist individuals seeking part time, full time, or seasonal jobs, as well as those interested in changing jobs or exploring a potential new career.  Participating employers include state and county agencies, private and non profit businesses, municipalities, apprenticeships, and more.  Recruiters will be representing a wide variety of fields, such as business, law enforcement, education, healthcare, banking industries, retail, and more!  Our Job Fair employer representatives are continually reinforcing that it’s extremely important to dress professionally when you attend a Job Fair.  Shower and make sure that your grooming is impeccable.  Plan in advance what you are going to wear and be sure everything is neat, clean, and pressed.  Professional, yet conservative attire is best.  Remove all visible piercings that are unusual and cover tattoos.  Do not bring your children.  It’s most effective to greet each employer with a firm handshake, good eye contact and a smile.  Be prepared to ask a couple of basic questions about the place of employment.  Space is provided for job seekers to complete applications, if necessary.  This is an excellent time to seek current job openings or gather information about a potential career including skills, types of training, and academic background.  For more information, contact Joan Rogerson at 736 9391 x208.



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