Not only is Curves probably a household word, but it is the largest fitness franchise in the world. So those of us who are women are doubly lucky because we have one in Centralia. With close to 20 years under its “slimming” belt, it has the knowledge and experience to assist women in maintaining their health and fitness. Their program is particularly tuned to meet women’s needs. The 30-minute workout exercises all the major muscle groups, allowing the burning of up to 500 calories. Curves also offers Curves Complete, which allows ladies to tailor their meal plans online and take advantage of one-on-one coaching. Recently Curves partnered with Jillian Michaels, the acclaimed fitness trainer, and now features the “Curves Workouts with Jillian Michaels”. We receive a video monthly with 12 new exercises. Try a week free with Jillian! And all of this is tucked into the friendly confines of a womens-only club. Why not consider checking out the Curves experience? Isn’t it time that you spent 30 minutes on your health and well-being? Life is complicated and that can’t be helped, but working out at Curves is not. You owe it to yourself. Bring a friend.

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